Make Your Life Work With Hypnosis

Clinical hypnotherapy has been used for many decades to help people make improvements in all areas of life. Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking or gain more confidence, working with a qualified expert in Melbourne is the first step to changing your life forever.  

Many people feel like they have tried everything on their own to make their lives better, but nothing seems to work. That’s when they can become vulnerable to those who will tell them what they want to hear just to get their money.

I won’t do that. I will admit that hypnosis is a wonderful modality, but it’s not a panacea. That’s why it’s always important to speak directly with your therapist before you book in with them.


How To Find Professional Consulting Hypnotherapist


I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you; people who have read all the self-help books, attended all the seminars, chanted positive affirmations until they were blue in the face – only to be disappointed with the results. So if I’m your last hope that doesn’t surprise me one bit.

Take comfort in the fact that it’s not that you CAN’T get where you want to go; it’s just that you haven’t yet learnt how to tap into the amazing powerhouse that is your subconscious mind. A skilled hypnotherapist can open the portal to your subconscious and help you make the shifts required to get the results you want.

Hypnotherapy Helps People Get Results. It Works Especially Well When:


  • You don’t have the willpower, strength or energy to get off your backside and do something;
  • You fight and struggle to get what you need from life only to be disappointed time and time again;
  • You’re sick and tired of treading water, going around in circles and getting nowhere;
  • You’ve tried absolutely everything but nothing works so you keep on starting and stopping, trying and failing, giving up and giving in.


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Think You Don’t Have What It Takes? Think Again.

My client “Anna” came to see me feeling incredibly depressed after having yo-yo dieted for 20 years. Her confidence was at an all-time low and this became a vicious cycle. She would punish herself for being ‘fat’ by overeating. (Can you see a pattern developing here…?)

“Anna” was so convinced that she had no willpower that she was digging herself into an early grave. Did you know ‘I have no willpower’ is the number one subconscious belief that keeps people from losing weight? Read on and you’ll see why your subconscious beliefs can make or break your weight loss plan.

Anyway, after I ferreted out all of ‘”Anna’s” destructive beliefs and behaviour patterns we got to work on changing her mindset. After her first session she noticed a world of difference. She started to take responsibility for her health; planning nutritious, low-fat meals, scheduling regular exercise and making time for “Anna”. By her final session, she was ready to take on the world.

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Hypnosis Solves The Headspace Problem.

When you participate in a hypnosis program designed to help you lose weight, quit smoking or solve some other problem you’re not just working on the surface stuff. That is, we don’t just give you a nice little relaxation and send you on your way.

This is because you don’t actually have an eating problem, or an smoking problem, or even an anxiety problem – you have a MIND problem. And nobody can help you get your head around your inner demons better than I can.


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The TOP 3 Secrets To Hypnotherapy That Works

My winning formula makes sure you successfully solve your problem long-term. Here it is:

ONE: Find The Beliefs That Are Causing The Problem


  • Your subconscious beliefs are like building blocks that have the power to either build a house or destroy its foundations.
  • Right now you don’t know what they are. That’s like swimming in a pool full of hungry sharks.
  • Having worked with hundreds of clients since 2003 I know all of the most common destructive beliefs, and I’ll make sure you don’t get devoured by your ‘inner sharks’.


TWO: Treat the Symptom AND The Cause


  • Your inability to get what you want out of life is only part of the reason you’re coming to see me. The cause is something entirely different and right now, you don’t know what that is (or you would have resolved it by now).
  • But I DO know. And I have ways of discovering this cause for you.


THREE: Discover the Secondary Gain That is Stopping You From Doing What You Need To Do.


  • If you want to lose weight, stop smoking or achieve another goal but find yourself doing everything you can to make sure this doesn’t happen, it could be because on some level you don’t want to change.
  • Even if you know why you’re self-sabotaging, you can’t access the part of your mind that can change this by yourself.
  • I have a unique set of skills and techniques that enable me to diagnose your specific blocks success


Nuts Are Supposed To Be Good for your Health But Peanuts Do Not Constitute Payment For My Services.

If you pay peanuts, you’ll get a monkey messing with your mind. In my opinion, monkeys belong in zoos, not clinics.

When it comes to hypnotherapy you want to work with the best of the best. So now it’s time to take action. You deserve this!