10 Secrets to Lasting Weight Loss – Straight From A Hypnotherapy Expert

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Weight Loss

The Tools I Use To Help My Clients Stay Slim

My Melbourne weight loss hypnotherapy clients know that trying  to stay slim can be challenging at the best of times, especially when there is so much information out there on the subject. Which information is correct and which will lead you up the garden path?

Today I’m going to share the tips that I give my clients that will help you to stay on track with your goals. Here they are:

ONE: Eat Enough

Most people who go on a diet suffer in the long-run. You’ve probably had it drummed into you from an early age that if you want to lose weight you have to restrict your calories. And to some degree that’s true. But if you reduce your calories to a level where your energy needs aren’t being met, you’re setting yourself up for a big fall.

The average number of calories per day consumed by a healthy person is about 1800-2000. If you compare that to the restrictive 1200 calories that most fad diets recommend, you will be literally asking your body to go into starvation mode, where is conserves energy to keep you healthy.

What this eventually means is that your metabolism slows right down and then when you go back to your regular eating pattern, you’ll gain even more weight than before!

TWO: Enjoy Yourself

Dieting is hard. Lifestyle change doesn’t have to be. Healthy food tastes great so take the time to enjoy what you are eating! Eating well does not have to mean depriving yourself of taste. There are many great low fat recipes out there. Explore! You will feel better all round knowing you are doing something good for yourself.

THREE: Beware of the Rollercoaster

If you’ve tried to lose weight for a while, you’re probably on the rollercoaster that declares ‘If I don’t do it perfectly all the time, I have failed’. This is simply not true. If you do the right thing most of the time, you reach a comfortable and healthy weight for you. Forgive yourself for slip-ups. Get right back on track and understand that nobody can do everything perfectly all the time. You are human. Embrace your humanity.

FOUR: Feed your Hunger, NOT your Feelings

The Cravings you get when you are lonely, angry or sad are not true hunger. They are emotional cravings that signify the need for something else. Recognise your emotional triggers before they take hold.

FIVE: Eat Slowly

Many people live their lives unconsciously, and that often translates to the way they eat their main meals. Do you rush through your meals, all the while thinking about the next task at hand? Slow down. Focus on what you are eating and chew your food thoroughly. This will make the meal last longer and you will be able to digest it much more efficiently.

SIX: Avoid Trans-Fatty Acids

I’m talking about things that are cooked with vegetable oil. Trans-fatty acids are found in deep fried foods and a lot of processed foods. They suppress the thyroid hormone and interfere with insulin receptors. A general rule of thumb is that if the product contains vegetable oil it is probably riddled with those trans-fatty demons. Stay away!

SEVEN: Spice it Up

Did you know that chilli increases your metabolism? I didn’t either….but come to think of it, I do eat a lot of spicy foods and I am slim. Apparently spicy meals prevent the release of insulin. Now I’m not saying that you can eat a twelve pack of donuts as long as you eat some chilli afterwards, but hey….every little bit helps.

EIGHT:  Eat Fresh Foods

Okay….so maybe I’m stating the obvious. This one is a no-brainer. The basis of your diet should be fresh unprocessed foods. Stay away from the protein bars and shakes and packaged stuff. Not only are they expensive, they really are no subsitute for the real thing.

NINE: Eat Protein with Every Meal

Now this is something that I always do. Apparently our metabolism needs one gram of protein for every kilogram of body weight per day. So I’m talking about a small amount of protein with every meal. For example, I cook 8 different vegetables in water and a splash of olive oil and combine this with one egg for breakfast. For lunch I eat 100g of cooked free-range chicken with fresh salad. Dinner is more vegetables stir-fried with 200g tofu and chilli sauce. (there’s that chilli again….)YUM!

TEN: Never EVER Give Up

If in the past your diet has consisted of a lot of  junk food, then the first few weeks of your journey will probably be the hardest. But it will get easier! These first weeks are a crucial part of your journey because this is the time that your subconscious will be in the process of creating new neurological pathways which will make healthy eating normal to you.

If you are having Melbourne weight loss hypnotherapy, your therapist will help to keep you motivated to stay on track.

Navigate the flow and recognise that creating new habits takes some time. When you see the results you will be glad you stuck it out.