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Stay Balanced In The Face Of Criticism


The Accept criticism hypnosis MP3 download helps you deal with unwanted feelings of rejection and vulnerability that arise when you are receiving feedback from other people.

When you’re criticized it can feel like the whole world is caving in around you. But some feedback is actually warranted and can provide a pathway to great learning and growth. Wouldn’t it be great if you could separate your own feelings of fear and rejection from the facts?

Sometimes you’re going to receive feedback that isn’t fair or warranted. You also can learn to recognise this for what is is and deal with it in a powerful and positive way by changing the inside of your mind.


Take On Board Constructive Feedback And Leave The Rest

Sometimes we have to listen to feedback from our peers, teachers, friends or bosses in order to be able to grow and learn. Criticism is inevitable in this life, and we have to learn to manage the emotions that may come up as a result.

You can learn to understand and take on board the views of others while detaching from the negativity.Your subconscious mind knows how to help you do this and will do so in the easiest, most effective way it knows how.

With this recording you will learn to:

  • Maintain balance and composure while receiving criticism;
  • Respond mindfully in a way that allows you to maintain your dignity and get your own points across at the same time;
  • Recognise when your own fear of rejection and low self-esteem may be causing you to overreact;
  • Recognise the difference between constructive feedback and negative criticism – and only take on board what is helpful.


Be Careful! Do Not Listen To this recording while driving or operating machinery.

Stop letting your emotions get in the way of responding appropriately to criticism. Listen to the Accept criticism hypnosis MP3 download to stay balanced, focused and aware.

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