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You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Conflict


If you’d rather poke your eye out with a stick than face conflict you’re not alone. Most people would rather live miserable lives than say what’s really on their mind. So if you need a little help being more assertive, try engaging the wisdom of your subconscious mind.

You CAN get your needs met and still respect others at the same time. Sound impossible? You’ve probably spent most of your life feeling like a doormat so I wouldn’t be surprised if you answered yes to that question.

Inability to stand up for yourself stems from deeply-rooted conditioning that has been with you since you were born. Somewhere along the way you learned that it’s within your best interests not to rock the boat – EVER.

There’s nothing wrong with being a nice person. It’s a quality to be admired, and we all want to be liked. But if you ‘need’ to be liked, you may be rearranging your entire life all for the sake of pleasing other people.

Your Needs Are Important Too

If you don’t deserve to be happy then who does? What law was passed that says your needs are not as important as those of others?

Even though you may sometimes want to speak up, it may be that your demeanour says: ‘Don’t worry about me. I’m not important.’

This self-hypnosis recording will help you to develop a healthy self respect that allows you to ask for what you want and set boundaries when you need to.

Whose Approval Do You REALLY Need?

What does all this running around keeping other people happy achieve? Nothing worthwhile as far as I can tell.

You can never please all of the people all of the time. The fact is there is only one person’s approval you really need – and that’s your own.

You need this MP3 if:

  • You have trouble saying ‘No’;
  • You feel embarrassed or ashamed to ask for what you want;
  • You avoid conflict at all costs;
  • You are easily bullied by other people

Please do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

Use the be assertive hypnosis MP3 download to express your needs, opinions and feelings in a logical, respectful manner without being afraid of losing anyone’s approval. You can buy it here:

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