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Let Go Of The Controls


You can use the be easygoing hypnosis MP3 download to practise letting go of your need to control your environment with rigid ideas, attitudes and rituals.

Letting go sounds scary doesn’t it? What would it be like if you could just relax and let life flow through you instead of trying to control everything around you?

Having an inflexible attitude to life is like eating too much chocolate cake: it feels great at the time but afterwards you’re in a world of pain.

FACT: We Have No Control Over Anything

Yep, that’s the truth. We like to tell ourselves otherwise but in reality, anything can happen at any time.

You may be using this inflexible attitude to sooth yourself in some way. Holding on to views, rituals, behaviours and routines can on some level, give you the illusion that you have everything under control.

But the reality is it is making you and those around you unhappy. This recording may help you if:

  • You rigidly stick to routines and rituals as though your life depends on it;
  • You are set in your ideas and need other people to agree with your point of view;
  • You get upset when plans change at the last minute or things aren’t going your way;
  • You feel insulted if people you care about don’t take your advice

Having an inflexible attitude towards life comes at a cost. You may think this keeps you safe – but do you really want to sacrifice a fulfilled and happy life all for the sake of playing it safe?

Since you have found this page it seems that there is a part of you that knows there’s a better way to live your life.

Please do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

The be easygoing hypnosis MP3 download will help you to let go of the controls, be more flexible and get more out of life.

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