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Break The Cycle Of Hopelessness And Find Happiness


If you suffer from depression it can be incredibly isolating, and it may even feel as though nobody understands what you are experiencing. My hypnosis MP3 can help you break the cycle of negative thinking that exacerbates your condition.

Those who suffer depression often feel very alone, since it’s almost impossible to describe the feelings it generates to somebody who hasn’t been through it themselves. Therefore, you may end up suffering in silence rather than reaching out for help.

But there is one person you can turn to who truly understands – and that person is YOU. You can enlist the part of your subconscious mind that knows how to help your through this.

The problem with depression is that it feeds off itself. When you are bombarded with a barrage of frightening thoughts and feelings it can overwhelm you to the degree that you just want to hide away from the world.

Your condition is one that can be managed by training your mind to recognise when the cycle starts before it takes hold of you.

Your Thoughts Are Not Who You Are

When you’re in the throes of depression it may feel like you ARE your depressive thoughts. They certainly feel real and there’s no doubt that the feelings of anxiety and hopelessness they generate are very real.

But they’re not real, and you don’t have to believe the stories they are telling you.

This recording will help you if:

  • You’re trying so hard to out-think your depression that you end up being swallowed by it;
  • Making even the smallest decisions seem impossible;
  • You feel as though you have lost yourself;
  • You have lost all motivation and confidence

Trying To ‘Think Positive’ Only Makes Things Worse.

When you try to think positive all you’re really doing is denying, repressing or pushing away your feelings.

Instead of trying to deny them, you can learn to sit with those feelings, knowing that they can’t hurt you and like all feelings, eventually they will pass.

Your feelings have much less power over you when you have the courage to to face them head-on.

Please do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

The depression hypnosis MP3 download will help you respond mindfully to your feelings of depression so you don’t get swept up in them.You can buy it here:

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