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Are You Afraid To Commit To Your Relationship?


Then it’s time time to listen to the fear of commitment hypnosis MP3 download.

Commitment phobia is a problem if it stops you from living a happy and whole life. It’s one thing to not want to be in a relationship. But if you DO want a relationship but somehow find yourself running away or self-sabotaging when things start to get serious,you need some help.

If you’re somebody who goes from one relationship to the next, getting bored quickly or always looking for something better, you may never get the chance to enjoy the benefits of a loving committed relationship – unless you work on your mind.

What Stories Do YOU Tell Yourself?

Your subconscious beliefs are the building blocks to happiness. What you believe about yourself and the world creates your reality, and you may be inadvertently stopping yourself from being happy.

Negative subconscious beliefs based on fear of the unknown prevent you from taking a leap of faith with your relationships. What story do you tell yourself about relationships? You might recognise some of these thoughts:

  • Relationships don’t work;
  • I’ll never be happy;
  • I’m going to leave before he/she dumps me;
  • What if there’s someone better out there?

Whatever your subconscious beliefs are, if you don’t like them you can change them.

You can learn to trust your intuition and make decisions from a place of power rather than from a place of fear. You may think you are protecting yourself by never getting too close, but in the end you are only hurting yourself.

There is a part of your subconscious that has an old outdated program and that program is not working for your any more. The good news is you can change this program with the help of self-hypnosis.

Please do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

This fear of commitment hypnosis MP3 download will help you to work through the beliefs and blocks that are stopping you from taking responsibility.  You can buy it here:

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