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Mend Your Broken Heart With Self-Hypnosis


One of the hardest things to do is get over a broken heart – but the burden can be softened with the help of hypnosis. This MP3 is specifically designed to heal even the most stubborn lingering hurts leftover from a break-up.

If your unresolved feelings for your ex are getting in the way of you moving on, finding a partner and being happy then you’ll be really glad you found this page.

The break-up may have happened yesterday – or it may have happened years ago and still FEEL like it happened yesterday. Either way, you can let go of the pain with the help of your subconscious mind.

When You Hold Onto The Anger They Win.

Do you really want your ex-partner to have the last laugh? Holding onto anger and resentment is the same as drinking poison and expecting your enemy to die.

When you let these feelings weigh you down you stop yourself from being happy and you’re less likely to find someone new because your baggage will be visible to other people.

If you’re feeling hurt and resentment towards your ex-partner, this is natural and you don’t necessarily have to resolve that hurt in order to move on and enjoy a healthy productive life.

What you DO need to do is stop it from ruining your life. This recording will allow you to:

  • Let go of the hurt, resentment or bitterness that is weighing you down;
  • Keep the learning from this relationship so you don’t make the same mistakes in your next relationship;
  • Rebuild your self-esteem so you feel confident to go out and date again.

Listening to this recording will help you process the feelings of grief, sadness, loss, guilt or anger in a healthy and positive way so that you can let go of this person and have a healthy relationship with someone else.

Please do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

Use self-hypnosis to let go of the heartbreak, rebuild your confidence and and move on with the get over your ex hypnosis MP3 download.  You can buy it here:

Price: US$14.95

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