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Get The Whole Package

If you could use some extra help, I have the perfect solution; the weight loss hypnosis MP3 download set has what you need to address your weight problem from every possible angle. The price for the full set is discounted to you get 4 MP3 files cheaper than you would if you had paid for them individually.

Why is this set so powerful? Because it combines all the crucial elements of my program all rolled into one. This is seriously the next best thing to attending my program.

If you’ve been wanting to do the program but don’t have the funds for one-on-one sessions, this is the solution to your problem. You can do all the work needed in the privacy of your own home.

The four products below can be purchased as a bundle to supercharge your weight loss efforts and give you the best possible chance of success.

Here’s What You Get:


Love Yourself Slim Weight Loss MP3

This product helps you stop beating yourself up about the way you look so you can achieve your goal weight without putting pressure on yourself.
Learn to love your body and everything will be easier.

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Stop Yo-Yo Dieting MP3

This recording helps you address the stop-start succeed-fail behaviour pattern you have going on in regard to your weight problem.
Get out of your own way and start acting in ways that are aligned with your goal.

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Forgiveness MP3

If you are holding onto resentment or bitterness of any kind, this is bad news for weight loss because it is literally weighing you down.
Let go of the baggage and the weight will come off much easier.

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Stop Self Sabotage MP3

Most people who need hypnosis have some kind of self-sabotage going on. Work on removing unwanted behaviour patterns and tart taking responsibility for your weight problem using this product.

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Please do NOT listen to these recordings while driving or operating machinery.


The Love Yourself Slim hypnosis MP3 download pack gives you all the tools you need to address your weight problem from every angle.