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Don’t Let Agoraphobia Rule Your Life.


This hypnosis MP3 download is designed to help you manage your symptoms as well as overcome the condition itself  in a systematic and logical manner.

Agoraphobia can often develop over time and it’s not know what is the exact cause. If you have ever had a panic attack, you’ll now that these can be pretty scary.

Sometimes you can develop agoraphobia as a response to having had one or more panic attacks. After this you might be afraid to go out just in case you have an episode in a public place.

The condition itself is described as a fear of open spaces or a fear of crowds. The fear of being stuck somewhere where there is no escape or you lose your feeling of being in control often perpetuates itself and then you develop a kind of ‘fear of fear’.

Whatever the case, you can overcome your agoraphobia by doing a couple of things;

Learning to Relax


  • At the moment you believe the world is not a safe place. This recording will help you remove the beliefs that cause your anxiety and help you become a calmer, more relaxed person in general.

Taking Baby Steps to Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone


  • You will learn to gradually challenge yourself by doing the things you are afraid of. So, if you are afraid to walk down to the end of your street then you set a goal to walk a few metres down the street at first.
  • Then, when you are comfortable with this, you push yourself just a little more.
  • Eventually you will gain the confidence to set bigger goals that will move you towards your ultimate goal of overcoming the condition for good.


Please do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

This agoraphobia hypnosis MP3 download will guide you through this process and help you remove the obstacles that keep you stuck. You can buy it here:

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