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Get Off The Rollercoaster


The endless cycle of dieting and bingeing can be abolished with the help of the stop yo-yo dieting hypnosis MP3.

If you’re like most people, you want to lose as much weight as possible as quickly as possible – like YESTERDAY. So you cling to the false promise of ‘easy’ ‘quick-fix’ pills, diets and gadgets that tell you what you want to hear and disappoint you time and time again.

Exactly where ARE the sellers of these snake-oil products when you’re crying into your cabbage soup and popping out of your jeans? Sipping pina coladas on an exclusive island in the Bahamas I expect.

Opting for the quick-fix approach to weight loss is like driving with bald tyres – eventually something’s got to give; and it’s always going to be your waistline.

Dieting Causes Bingeing

When you go on a diet, it doesn’t actually fix the real problem. Your symptoms are overeating and sedentary lifestyle. But the cause of this problem can’t be fixed with a fancy diet. In fact, it will make the problem a whole lot worse.

Dieting causes bingeing because when you restrict your calories  to the degree that you never allow yourself to have the occasional treat, it ALWAYS backfires.

Self-hypnosis helps you find the real cause of your yo-yo dieting and correct it where it started – in your subconscious.

You can work with your subconscious to learn to eat regular, low fat healthy meals and enjoy treats occasionally. When you’re not depriving yourself, there will be no need to overeat.

When you listen to this MP3 you will:

  • Respond to hunger, not emotions when you eat;
  • Gain the confidence and commitment to stick to your weight loss plan;
  • Address the beliefs that are causing yo-yo dieting
  • Reach a healthy weight and stay slim

Get in touch with your powerful subconscious resources to eliminate the all-or-nothing thinking that has kept you stuck on that rollercoaster for too long.

Please do NOT listen to this recording while driving or operating machinery.

Listen to the stop yo-yo dieting  hypnosis MP3 download to change your all-or-nothing thinking into sensible, successful and long-term weight loss. You can buy it here:

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