Stick To Your Weight Loss Regime

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Weight Loss

Say ‘No’ To The Food Police.

Any weight loss program is hard enough to stick to without the added pressure of other people forcing food on you. If you’re dealing with the food police in your environment, now is a great time to learn to say NO.

The term ‘food police’ refers to any person who pushes, cajoles or guilts you into eating something you don’t want. For example, let’s say you’re watching your weight and it’s somebody’s birthday at work.

Out comes the chocolate mud cake, the plates and forks. The cake is divi’ed up. Everybody is handed a piece. You say ‘No thank you’. Suddenly the room goes deathly quiet and all eyes are on you. You want the floor to swallow you whole right now.

Sound familiar? Peer pressure is a huge problem where food is concerned, and some people can get very narky if you don’t eat on their terms.

Here are some common objections:

  • “What do you mean you’re not hungry???”
  • “After ALL the work I put in!”;
  • “I bought it just for you;.why won’t you eat it?”;
  • “You’d better eat this, I slaved ALL day!!”

Do you ever eat what’s put in front of you just to keep the peace? It can be pretty easy to fall into the trap of saying yes to the feeders just to avoid confrontation.

But be careful; keeping the peace too often will have grave consequences for your waistline. In fact eating to please others is one of the most common causes of weight gain.

Like it or not “feeders” will always be lurking around. Many people equate food with love, and they feel rejected personally by you if you decline their offer of a home cooked meal or a special treat that has been prepared with a labour of love.

And if you are a person who has a problem saying “no” to people, then this will definitely cause problems if you want to stay on track with your program. The good news is; you can change.

Learning to say no is a skill that can be learned with the right training and the help of a qualified hypnosis expert. Sure it’s nice when a loved one does something for you and sometimes you can say yes to the lovingly baked giant choc-chip cookie; just not all the time.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not suggesting that you be rude or ungrateful; there are many gracious and respectful ways to say no and it’s okay to decline an offer of food if you have already eaten or if you are not hungry.

What I’m saying is you don’t have to explain yourself or make excuses for sticking to your weight loss program. You’re not responsible for other people’s reactions.

If by sticking to your guns you have to offend a few food police along the way then so be it. Let go of the need to please everybody and you will succeed much sooner than you think.