How Does a Hypnotist Work With Your Mind?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in General

The Workings Of Hypnosis


At my Melbourne hypnotherapy practice the most common question asked is ‘how does it work?’ Firstly, hypnosis can be used to treat almost anything and the average number of sessions is usually between 2 and 4.

If you don’t know how the mind works the practice might seem like a bit of mumbo-jumbo to you. But really it’s been used very successfully for centuries. The main premise behind the practice of hypnosis is that you are what you think – literally. That is, whatever you frequently think about. focus on and pay attention to will become the inclination of your mind.

So if you frequently talk about how useless, hopeless or forgetful you are then you will become even more useless, hopeless and forgetful because while your mind faithfully gives you whatever you focus on – it has no way of knowing whether this is actually what you want.

During waking consciousness, the critical, analytical part of your mind is in charge. On any given day, our minds are presented with hundreds of bits of information in the form of images, sounds, words, concepts and the like. Our conscious critical mind either accepts or rejects these ideas based on our past experiences and our current view of ourselves and the world.

For example, if someone were to walk up to you and say ‘you have green hair’, your conscious critical mind would immediately ask itself: ‘is that true for me?’ If you have brown hair, then the answer would be ‘no’; therefore, that idea would be rejected by the conscious mind it would not pass through into the depths of the subconscious mind.

Let’s take a more interesting example; say you believe that the reason why you can’t lose weight is because you’re ‘lazy’. If you continue to say to yourself : ‘I’m lazy’, this idea goes directly into your subconscious mind and is stored as a belief. The more you say it, the stronger that belief becomes and the more you do things that ‘prove’ you are lazy; and so the cycle continues.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t have the ability to accept or reject the idea that you’re lazy; it just says ‘yes’ to whatever your conscious mind gives it. And that’s all well and good, provided we are giving our subconscious mind what we want; however, very few people know how to focus on what they want. Most of us do the opposite; we spend the day beating ourselves up or noticing our bad points over and over again.

It’s through this painful process that we often develop negative beliefs and belief systems that cause us to self-sabotage. This is because your behaviour is determined by your belief systems; that is, you are what you think.

My job as a hypnotherapist is to diagnose your beliefs and find out which ones aren’t working for you. If you want to do regular exercise and lose weight, it doesn’t help to believe that you are lazy. When you are deeply relaxed, your mind moves into a state whereby your conscious critical mind is bypassed.

During this stage we have a direct portal to the subconscious mind, where we can change the beliefs that aren’t helping you. So a hypnotherapist can ‘weed the garden of your mind’ – assisting you to transcend the negative beliefs while at the same time, cultivating positive, life affirming beliefs that are in alignment with the person you want to become.

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All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You already know how to go into a state of hypnosis, because it’s something you do regularly throughout the day on your own. With the help of a Melbourne hypnotherapy expert you can consciously choose to change the workings of your subconscious mind to create positive and lasting life changes.