Help Your Friend Quit Cigarettes With Hypnosis

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Stop Smoking

How To Offer Support Without Pressure

Got a friend or relative that you want to buy a stop smoking hypnosis Melbourne session for? It can be really stressful living with someone who smokes and watching them slowly ruin their health. Despite all your good intentions if you turn into a non-smoking nag your efforts to help will have the opposite effect.

You probably already know logically that you can’t force another person to quit smoking – but I bet that doesn’t stop you trying! Seriously, you’re wasting your time if they don’t want to do this for themselves. People either want to quit – or they don’t. No amount of hypnosis will help someone who doesn’t.

It’s also useful at this point to understand how we, as human beings, think. For the most part, we don’t like being told what to do. So….if your brow furrows every time your friend lights up…or if you screw up your face or yell or even throw a tantrum….it won’t make a lick of difference.

Think about it – what would YOU do if the situation was reversed? You’d probably light up then and there just to show the other person you can’t be pushed around.

If your friend, partner, or family member has decided to quit but continually falls off the wagon, they’re probably feeling bad enough about it already. So the trick is to be supportive without going too far.

This means not judging them. Calling them ‘stupid’ if they don’t quit is just not going to help. Remember, it’s an addiction that needs to be broken, and in some cases it can take time and patience (yours and theirs).

If this person specifically asks for your input and participation in helping them to stay strong, there are a few things you can do:

ONE: Abstinence

Don’t allow other people to smoke around him. Don’t take him to places like pubs and clubs that allow smoking. If he begs for a cigarette, say NO, no matter how much he pleads. (Tough love).

TWO: Deep breathing and Relaxation

Smoking is often a stress-reliever, or so the smoker thinks, when in fact smoking puts more stress on the body. One of the best cures is deep breathing, rather than breathing in nicotine, tar and other horrible chemicals. This exercise helps to force the lungs to expel the built-up chemicals in his system.

THREE: Physical Exercise

Encourage him to get out and exercise. This clears the lungs and calms the mind. Every little bit helps.

FOUR: Distraction

When he gets the urge, give him something else to think about or do. Make suggestions of something he can do instead. Work with him in any way you can.

FIVE: Delay Tactics

he worst part of quitting is the first 14 days. Tell him to take it an hour at a time, rather than for an eternity. By waiting another hour to light up, he will give himself time to get busy. Before long, he will realize several hours have passed and he hasn’t even thought about smoking.

Don’t lose patience with would-be non-smokers. Learning how to quit smoking for good is a process. Some people do it easily and quickly the first time they try. For others, it is harder (but not impossible).

If your friend is really struggling you may want to suggest a hypnotherapist with a good reputation and a reputable stop smoking hypnosis program in Melbourne.

Just keep being there as a support.