Hypnosis Research Articles

Scientific Proof That Hypnosis Works

If you’re sceptical about this process then these hypnosis research articles will put your mind at ease. Compiled by experts, they are living proof that hypnotherapy is becoming more and more accepted in the medical and scientific community.

Despite the fact that hypnotherapy has been used for a very long time, some of the stories circulating around about stage hypnosis and mind control can leave people feeling reticent to try hypnosis.

These hypnosis research topics will show you that you really have nothing to worry about. Hypnotherapy is safe – and effective. So immerse yourself in these articles and read the interesting facts that will show you what I already know – hypnotherapy rocks!

Article Links

This article explores how hypnosis can help people feel less anxious when they are about to have surgery:
 Effectiveness of Hypnosis On Pre-Operative Anxiety

Read how hypnosis has been shown to work for insomnia in school age children as young as 7 years old:
 Hypnosis For Insomnia in School Age Children

This article discusses hypnotherapy treatment for pain management:
 Hypnotherapy For Pain

People who have anxiety associated with severe asthma have responded positively to self- hypnosis. Read all about it here:
 Self-Hypnosis For Anxiety About Severe Asthma

Read about the success of hypnotherapy to control side effects of breast cancer surgery:
 Hypnotherapy For Breast Cancer Surgery Side Effects

This study explored the success of hypnosis for reducing acute pain in adolescents who had cancer:
 Hypnotherapy To Treat Acute Pain in Adolescent Cancer Patients

Read this article which discusses the use of hypnotherapy for depression:
 Hypnosis For Depression

This research study discusses how alopecia is triggered by stress and hypnosis is an effective treatment for this condition:
 Hypnosis To Treat The Stress Triggers That Cause Alopecia


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