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Websites I Recommend

Hello! I’m delighted to share this Melbourne Hypnotherapy website’s highly recommended links with you.

I’ve collated these links to give you access to the most trusted hypnosis and hypnotherapy sources in Australia. The websites listed below provide valuable information on how to select the right hypnotherapy expert to suit your needs.

It’s important that you’re armed with the right information when you’re exploring the benefits of this modality and that you have all the facts up front.

For instance, did you know that this modality is not regulated in Australia? So you have to be very careful when you choose your therapist and make sure they have a government accredited qualification.

The associations below will show you what to look out for if you’re considering having hypnosis.

Academy of Hypnotic Science

The Academy of Hypnotic Science is the only government accredited hypnotherapy school in Melbourne

Australian Hypnotherapists Association

Established in 1949,The AHA is the biggest professional body for hypnotherapists in Australia.

Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia

THe PCHA is dedicated to providing ongoing education to clinical hypnotherapists in Australia.

Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

The ASCH is the place to look if you want to hire a qualified, ethical professional hypnotherapist.

Australian National Hypnotherapy Register

The ANHR is another highly respected professional body.

Hypnotherapist Register.Com

Hypnotherapist Register.Com is a global hypnotherapist register for hypnosis professionals all over the world.

Complimentary Therapists I Recommend

Terry-Lyn Stevens

Terry-Lyn Stevens is an excellent life coach and a personal friend of mine. You can contact her here: