Do You Or Your Family Need To Lose Weight?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Weight Loss

You Can Lead A Horse To Water…


If you are trying to support someone you love on their journey to lose weight by hypnosis you might have your own ideas about how you’re going to help her through this process.

But take care to keep your ego in check – what you consifer to be ‘helping’ may actually have the opposite effect.

Maybe you’ve noticed that the last couple of days she has missed her daily workout. Or maybe she’s just eaten one too many little mars bars after dinner…but who’s counting? Well if she doesn’t keep track then surely someone should…right? You owe it to her to remind her when she is slipping up, don’t you? After all, isn’t that what a good supportive partner/parent/sibling does?

Actually you’re probably doing more damage than you think. Turn the situation around and put yourself in her shoes; do you honestly believe she isn’t aware of when she’s doing the wrong thing? You can count on the fact that she is AND that she’s probably beating herself up over it. So simply put she doesn’t need you to tell her.

In fact it’s the last thing she needs. If you tell her ‘you shouldn’t be eating that’, what’s she likely to go ahead and do? Eat it, of course! It’s her way of gaining ground.

This is human nature. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY likes to be told what to do. So where it may seem that your nearest and dearest truly wants to lose weight, it may be quite confusing to you that she seems to be doing the exact opposite. Why does she do this? Because her subconscious mind’s primary intention is to protect. Her natural instincts tell her to defend her position and avoid the sense of oppression that comes with other people judging us.

What can YOU do about it? The answer is simple. Nothing. Yep. That’s right, you heard me. Do nothing, say nothing. Just be there for her and recognise that she is on her own path. Nobody can do this for her. She knows it, and now you know it. So ditch the ‘should’, ‘ought’ and ‘must’ language. If she asks for your advice, then by all means, offer it – maybe even suggest she try to lose weight by hypnosis. But in the meantime, zip it.

It will be hard at first but this is the first lesson of subconscious behaviour:  people will show you what you notice. If you notice and comment on her lack of commitment she will show you more of the same. If you truly love her, you must leave her to work it out on her own. As you do this, she will find her own way.