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ore and more people are turning to hypnotherapy for anxiety in Melbourne to help them overcome the debilitating mind conditioning that leaves them feeling overwhelmed, despondent and helpless.

When you read the words of this page it may feel like I’m talking directly to you. That’s because I’ve worked with so many people like you and the words of this page reflect the feelings of the masses. One thing is for sure; you’re not alone in your struggle.

Maybe what you’re going through is more just a feeling of being lost. My client Barb felt the same way as you, and here’s what she had to say:



Okay, You’re Probably Wondering Why You Can’t ‘Just Snap Out of It.’

But no matter how hard you try, you can’t out-think anxiety and depression; in fact the more you try to do this the worse it gets.

Logical, rational people from all walks of life are affected by this condition, and many are left feeling frustrated, isolated and blind-sided by the symptoms.


What’s REALLY Going On is…

  • You can’t understand why after all these years of coping with the stresses of life, you’ve suddenly gone to water;
  • You feel as though you have a dark cloud hanging over your head;
  • The more you try to find out why the more confused you become. Even simple decisions are impossible;
  • You can’t sleep. Or if you do manage to fall asleep you wake during the early hours, staring at the ceiling.


…And The More You Think About It, The More…

  • You fight and struggle through your days in a foggy, exhausted, irritable daze;
  • You’re ashamed that you can’t just get on with it. (After all, there are far more people who are worse off than you);
  • So you try to ‘think positive’. But that only makes things worse because despite all your efforts you are literally bombarded with a constant stream of negative thoughts 24-7;
  • You worry about Absolutely Everything and even though you know this doesn’t help you just CAN’T STOP the clutter in your mind.


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Wouldn’t it Be Amazing if You Could Feel Good Again?

Let me ask you this: Do you remember a time when you were happy? A time before all the pressures of life started weighing you down.

You don’t realize it right now but you DO have memories of feeling good somewhere in your deep subconscious mind.


Just Picture This for a Moment…

  • You’re sleeping through the night again. And oh, what a different place the world is after a good night’s sleep!
  • Things that used to make you feel stressed just don’t affect you as much anymore.
  • You feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
  • You have so much more energy and your physical health has come along in leaps and bounds.


With Every Day That Goes By…

  • You no longer worry about what other people are thinking of you.
  • For the first time in your life you feel a sense of purpose!
  • You’re comfortable in your own skin; no matter what happens you know you’ll deal with it in a powerful and positive way.


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Announcing The 3 CRUCIAL Questions That MUST be Answered During Your Hypnosis Sessions


In the next few paragraphs you’re going to find out why THE ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS are vital:


ONE: What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

  • Your subconscious beliefs are like building blocks that have the power to either build a house or destroy its foundations.
  • Find out what the destructive ones are and you’ve already won half the battle.
  • I have a list of over 500 destructive beliefs, and I know how to find yours.


TWO: What Is Happening in Your Life Right Now?

  • Some things in life trigger anxiety and depression. I teach you specific strategies that show you how to handle whatever life dishes up to you.
  • With these strategies at your disposal, you no longer have to ‘avoid your stuff’;


THREE: Are YOU Your Own Worst Enemy?

  • If you want to change but find yourself doing everything you can to make sure this doesn’t happen, I  can help you find out why.
  • Even if you know why you’re self-sabotaging, you can’t access the part of your mind that can change this by yourself; that’s where I come in.


Since You’ve Made it Down This Far, I’ll Assume You’re Looking for Better Way to Manage Your Anxiety and Depression.

It’s not enough just to give you a nice relaxing hypnosis session. You need the tools and techniques that will enable you to make real progress with your condition on your own, away from the hypnotherapist’s chair.

You have to get to the root of the problem, if you’re going to manage your life in a healthy, positive way. So don’t trust your mind with just anyone! Work with a hypnotherapist who asks the right questions.

So….Are You Ready To Do Something About This?

I’ve shown you how I can help; now it’s time for you to act. Fill out the form below  or contact me, certified clinical hypnotherapist Sonia Devine, if you are interested in hypnotherapy for anxiety or depression in Melbourne and I’ll be delighted to answer any specific questions you have about my services.

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