Stop Smoking With The Help Of A Hypnotherapist

Since 2003 I have helped hundreds of people give up cigarettes – and I can help YOU Too.


f you want to quit smoking using hypnosis and you live in Melbourne, I’m the person you need to see.

This is a structured, safe and effective approach that helps you think, speak and act like a non-smoker;

Here’s what you get with your first session:

  • A professionally recorded hypnosis MP3 that you get to take home;
  • Diagnostic methodology that addresses the cause and the symptom of your addiction.

It’s a Well Known Fact that Smoking Kills: So What Has Stopped YOU from Quitting?


  • Maybe you stop for a few days then start up again;
  • It’s too hard to resist that smoke after a meal;
  • You’re okay on your own…but once you’re at the pub with other smokers it’s all over;;
  • There just never seems to be a ‘right’ time to give up

If you’ve tried Absolutely Everything to Quit but nothing works so you keep on stopping and starting, trying and failing, giving up and giving in….you are not alone.

What if things could be different?

  • Imagine smiling when you think of all the money you get to keep now that you’ve ditched this habit!
  • Feel great knowing you are prolonging your life every day;
  • Imagine feeling fitter, lighter and happier – it’s great to be alive!
  • You are a new person – the person you always knew you could be


I’m Ready To Quit NOW!


Introducing The Ultimate Hypnotherapist’s Stop-Smoking Blueprint:

To solve the problem of smoking and reap the quit smoking benefits, you need a plan of attack that includes the right diagnostic tools.

If you want to get rid of this habit for good your hypnotherapist needs to gather the following Important data:

A: When You Smoke

  • When do you pick up a cigarette? Is it first thing in the morning? After meals? With Coffee of Alcohol?
  • These triggers (and many more you don’t know about) are responsible for many people just like you feeling like a slave to cigarettes; 
  • There are 10 especially deadly triggers. 99% of my clients have these! (You’ll be amazed when you find out what they are).


B: Why You Smoke

  • I wonder if you’ve already begun to notice that you smoke when you’re stressed, anxious, angry or bored…?
  • My job is to help you stop using smoking as a crutch.


C: Why You Can’t Stop

  • What are you getting out of continuing to smoke?
  • Even if you do know why, you can’t access the part of your mind that can change this by yourself; that’s where I come in!


It Doesn’t Matter How Much You Smoke

You could smoke only one or two cigarettes a day or you could smoke forty a day. It makes no difference how much you smoke or how long you have smoked for; you can still quit with the help of a hypnotherapist.

I’ve shown you how you can let of of this nasty habit using the power of your mind in a healthy, safe and sensible way.

So now it’s over to you. Simply fill out the form below, contact me and let’s work together.


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