Lose Weight With Your Local Clinical Hypnotherapist

Any weight loss hypnotherapy program in Melbourne worth it’s salt will get right to the root cause of your weight problem, where it all began.

If you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked so far, even if you’ve tried hypnosis before I can promise you that you have never experienced anything like my program.

Gaining control of your weight is first and foremost about understanding that it’s never (ever) just about the food. The cause of your problem lies in the deeply conditioned mind patterns that make you sabotage yourself over and over again.

What Stops You From Losing Weight?

Your answer to that question is probably ‘myself’. And you’d be right on the money. But really, cutting down on your calories and increasing your exercise isn’t that hard…to a point.

Even the most hard-core yo-yo dieter can stick to a healthy eating and exercise plan for a short time; but it’s when you have to keep the weight off that things get a little sticky. Why? Because all diets fail in the long term.

Diets perpetuate the all-or-nothing mentality that got you into this mess in the first place. You cannot and will not sustain perfect eating habits, nor should you have to.

The Middle Way Is The Only Way

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to do the right thing 80% of the time. Nobody should have to give up their favourite treats and that includes you.

On the other hand you can’t go overboard either; but then you already know this. The problem here isn’t education. You’ve done all the research and you already know what you should be doing. The problem is with your mind.

Your mind makes sure that every time you try you fail. Your mind makes sure you say: ‘I’ll start tomorrow’. The problem is that there’s always a tomorrow and every tomorrow you wake up feeling even more desperate than the day before.

Your behaviour is literally controlled by negative subconscious beliefs that are locked deep in your subconscious mind. So how do you stop being a puppet on a string?

I Have The Key To Your Mind.

Here’s how I work; I spend a lot of time talking to you. During that time I’m working out exactly what therapy I need to do with you, based on what you’re telling me. There are three things I’m looking out for:

ONE: Your Beliefs

  • Everything you say and do is governed by your subconscious beliefs.
  • Many of these beliefs are responsible for unwanted eating habits.

TWO: Your Emotions

  • You may be an emotional eater; that is you eat when you’re upset, bored or lonely.
  • It’s my job to help you manage these emotions in a positive way so you don’t have to use food.

THREE: Your Pay-Offs

  • If you’re not doing what you know you should, sometimes it’s because on one level you don’t want to do it.
  • I have the skills and techniques to remove the pay-offs that keep you stuck in self-sabotage mode.


Here’s What You Get When You Work With Me:

How to ensure your hypnotherapy results are permanent

  • A weight loss hypnosis MP3 that has been professionally recorded with the latest brainwave entrainment technology;
  • Over 12 years experience with a qualified, professional hypnotherapist who specializes in weight loss;
  • You don’t have to starve yourself; I won’t ask you to restrict your intake to ridiculous levels.
  • You’ll stop being a slave to your cravings and start thinking, speaking and acting like a slim person.

Want Specifics? Here Are The Available Packages:

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