Banish Cigarettes With Quit Smoking Hypnotism

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Stop Smoking

What Are You Really Smoking?

My Melbourne stop smoking hypnosis client ‘Virginia’ went from smoking 2-3 cigarettes a day to 15-20 a day over a period of 2 months. She had been experiencing uncertainty at work. With the economic downturn, the company she worked for had begun retrenching people.

When she saw many of her colleagues at work get sacked, her smoking habit went into overdrive. Interestingly though, until we talked about it she never really connected her feelings of vulnerability to be a direct trigger for smoking.

But once we did start to unpack these feelings, ‘Virginia’ became more skilled at recognising and acknowledging these feelings instead of resorting to her previous automatic reaction of stuffing them down by having a cigarette.

This happens to a lot of my clients – they don’t realise how much they have relied on smoking as a kind of crutch for these unpleasant emotions that arise as a result of day to day stresses.

At times when you feel a bit vulnerable and lonely, your ciggies can start to look like a great  companion.  ‘Gayle’ found herself lighting up even when she didn’t feel like smoking. Interestingly, she had only recently split with her partner and was finding it very hard to adjust to being alone; she took up smoking not long after her break-up.

If you find yourself ‘smoking your loneliness’ there are other ways to help yourself. Maybe you can take up a hobby; learn something you have always wanted to learn. As you expand your world, you will also expand your circle of friends and banish the need to bond with the cancer sticks instead.

And then there’s anger.

There’s nothing like a good altercation to send you outside for a smoke. And let’s face it; there are a million reasons for us to feel offended. Problem is, often we hold onto our anger like a badge of honour, as though letting it go would somehow destroy us.

In his book ‘A New Earth’, Eckhart Tolle describes the insidious role our Ego plays in our lives. Your Ego’s job is to make you ‘right’. It will convince you that when someone else is ‘wrong’ and you are ‘right’, you must continue to tell ‘your story’ over and over again to as many people who will listen.

But where does that really get you?

Actually; nowhere fast. All that happens is you feed your anger and give away all your energy.

But don’t let your lungs suffer in the process;  contact a hypnotherapist and find out how a Melbourne stop smoking hypnosis program can help you deal with difficult emotions in a healthier way. This is the first step to quitting cigarettes.