Let Stressful Thoughts Fade With Hypnosis For Anxiety

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Anxiety And Depression

Worrying is overrated.


You’ve probably already worked this out a long time ago. Most people who come to see me for anxiety hypnotherapy in Melbourne have. If only knowing this could actually stop us from worrying too much!

The anxiety demon never sleeps. It’s an expert at convincing you that the scenarios it is presenting to you are actually true; but they’re not. This demon in your head that never tires of tormenting you is feeding you lies that APPEAR to be so real you get hooked into them time and time again.

If you really think about it, most of the things you worry about never actually happen. It may seem like a sensible idea to prepare for the worst case scenario in your mind. But all that does is use up energy; energy that could be better used focusing on other things.

Worrying too much causes depression. So depression and anxiety are like brother and sister. When you have anxiety and depression, you’re in touch with reality.

You know on a conscious level that the stories you create in your mind aren’t real; but nonetheless you feel powerless to stop the worrying This is the nature of neuroses.

A person with neurosis is often intelligent, rational and normal in every other way. If you’re anxious then you are probably what I call a ‘what-if-er’. That is, you catastrophize about everything and imagine the worst possible scenario in every situation.

You know it doesn’t make any sense; that if you continue this way you could be worrying yourself into an early grave. Still, you can’t find a way around it. But I can. Here is an exercise that I call the ‘what-if-box’;

In your imagination, create a box. This box has a one way opening. Each time you have a negative thought, feeling or emotion of the ‘what-if’ kind, immediately send it straight through that one-way opening of your ‘what-if-box’.

The worrying thoughts will always be there if you need to re-visit them, so let them stay there. While they are in the what-if-box, you are free to get on with other more important things. The fact is it isn’t actually the imagined scenario that stops you from living your life; it’s your attachment to getting rid of the fear it creates.

Many of my clients say ‘I will only be happy if I am worry-free’. I tell them not to hold their breath.

We ALL feel fear! Our brains are hardwired for fear. Many moons ago we needed an over-inflated fear response in order to survive. Evolution is very slow, and now we have this over-active fear response that we don’t need. The trick is not to allow that fear to dominate your life.

Some of the fear we feel is very useful; most of it is not.

So it’s about being aware of this and rising above the automatic fear response in your brain. Think of your fear response as a dragon; the more your try to push it away, the louder it will roar and the hotter the fire from its mouth.  But if you look at that dragon and say: ‘I know you’re there, but I’m going to live my life anyway’, your dragon loses its power.

Being mindful of negative emotions takes practise, as does training your mind with concentration techniques. If you would like to try anxiety hypnotherapy in Melbourne, contact a  qualified hypnotherapy expert who can put you in touch with the inner resources you need to become a calm and relaxed person.

Make friends with your dragon, greet it, talk to it, and do what you want anyway.