Stop Comfort Eating Using Hypnotherapy

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Weight Loss

If Food Equals Love For You, Read On:

Emotional eating is a very common problem with my Melbourne Weight Loss Hypnosis clients and many people find this very frustrating especially when they have been so diligent during the day. If you are trying so hard to lose weight but keep sabotaging yourself by picking when you are bored or lonely, then you are not alone.

Often night time after dinner is a time when many people turn to snacking. Maybe it’s because it’s the end of the day, all the hard work is done, the kids are in bed and you can finally relax. Many of my female clients tell me this is their only way to get ‘me time’.

It’s a habit that can quickly play havoc with your waistline. You may not actually even be hungry. There may be something else that drives you to say ‘hmmm….what can I eat now?’ Is it boredom? Is it loneliness? Sometimes it is a combination of both.

Whatever it is, the first step to changing your behaviour is to identify the triggers. From a very early age many of us are conditioned to relieve our boredom, sadness or loneliness with food. Many of my clients have had to endure terrible childhoods where they tolerated physical and emotional abuse year after year.

Food was their only solace. Is food YOUR special friend? If you have answered yes to this question then it’s time to do some emotional work to release the association you have with food and comfort. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, then you need to develop a healthy relationship with food. I’m not saying that you should not enjoy food or even that you should not feel comforted when you eat a good meal.

What I am saying is that if it fills an emotional hole in any way, you will have great difficulty with weight loss. As I have said many times before, your subconscious mind’s primary intention is to protect you. If overeating is your way of dealing with stress, anger or boredom then you must give your subconscious mind another way to deal with these emotions before it will allow you to release the habit.

How can you find love, comfort and peace in other ways? Are your significant relationships working? Do you need to meditate more? Maybe you need to find new ways to challenge yourself. These are all things to consider if you want manage your weight comfortably.

To re-program your subconscious mind using Melbourne weight loss hypnosis so that you manage your stress in a much healthier way, you can enlist the services of a certified hypnotherapist, who can help you change the beliefs that are making you turn to food.

The solution to the problem of overeating is to become aware of your triggers and you can head them off at the pass.