Trying To Quit Cigarettes Is Easier With A Hypnotherapist

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Stop Smoking

Tried And Failed Before?

Then it probably comes as no surprise that this is very common. In fact the majority of my Melbourne stop smoking hypnosis clients have tried unsuccessfully to quit in the past. I’m usually their last resort in the fight against the dreaded cancer sticks.

You might find it relatively easy to stop smoking. But staying off cigarettes long-term is much more of a challenge.

You’re not just dealing with a physiological addiction here. Cravings, withdrawal symptoms and moodiness are par for the course. In some cases there is also an emotional addiction where the smoking serves as a kind of crutch for unpleasant feelings.

Let’s say for example that you’ve been smoking for a long time. Maybe smoking has been a constant in your life when everything else was unpredictable.

Perhaps it was there for you right through your life while others came and went. If this is the case you might really feel like smoking is your only ‘true’ friend.

Of course logically you know that’s not true; but subconsciously there is a part of you that finds it really hard to say goodbye to your old friend.
Reality check; smoking is not your friend; it’s your worst enemy.

But then you already know that. The point is you can overcome this little subconscious glitch with a bit of perseverance.

Here’s something else to think about:

Does your nearest and dearest smoke as well? If so, smoking might be the one thing that brings you two together. Some of my quit smoking hypnotherapy clients tell me that in the past when they tried to quit smoking while their partner continued to smoke, this really changed the dynamics of the relationship.

For example; before they used to meet outside in the back yard at the end of a long day to get a break from the kids or share stories about the events of the day. After one person quit, everything changed; with smoking gone it felt like that togetherness wasn’t possible any more.

So eventually, after feeling like they had lost that connection with their partner the temptation became too great; they resumed smoking again. This is a common problem; To overcome it, many husbands and wives often come to see me to quit together. That’s a great idea because you can offer support to each other.

But even if you have someone close to you who smokes (and has no intention of quitting), it doesn’t mean YOU can’t quit! You can find other healthier ways to connect with your partner.

This problem is merely an emotional subconscious connection that can be broken with the right approach. In fact no matter what your emotional connection to smoking is; it can be broken, with the help of stop smoking hypnosis.

You can become a non-smoker.