Improve Your Self-Esteem With Hypnotherapy

Posted by on Oct 23, 2013 in Self-Esteem

Fear is a bugger ain’t it?

Many people want to try hypnosis for confidence because they’re tired of living life under the radar. Low confidence keeps you stuck in a one-dimensional reality where your comfort zone is a haven and a prison at the same time.

If you’ve landed on this page, you may be flying under the radar too. It’s not uncommon. You may have even convinced yourself that there are very real and valid reasons why you can’t try new things. In fact these reasons ARE real as far as your subconscious mind is concerned.

However real this reasoning feels to you, it’s equally false. Confidence isn’t just something you get; it’s a process, and often a work in progress.

When you lack confidence, you make choices based on fear instead of what is best for you. Many unwanted behaviours are a result of low self-esteem. Some of these include staying in an abusive relationship, spending too much money and overeating.

If it can’t be ‘got’ then how do you ‘do’ it?

It starts with doing things that you think you’re afraid of. Many times we’re given opportunities to do things that at first might seem scary. But scary things help us to grow and learn.
Scary is sometimes GOOD.

Nobody is born with confidence. It has to be cultivated as we grow, and those who have it have worked very hard to develop it. Start by focusing on all the things you have done right in your life. When you dwell on your failures it makes you scared to take the next step.

Instead, you expect the worst and talk yourself out of succeeding and into stagnating. Years ago when I completed my diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, I asked the course providers if they would like me to take some lectures.

They graciously offered me work and before I knew it I was preparing and delivering lectures on hypnosis, psychology and human behaviour.
There was a very specific reason why I put my hand up for that work, and it had nothing to do with money.

I had a ‘deep and dark’ secret; I was terrified (and I mean scared-crazy-TERRIFIED) of public speaking.

I also knew that if I wanted to help other people conquer their fears I had to walk my talk. Terrified as I was, I got better and better at it as time went on. It didn’t just happen though. I worked at it. I worked hard.

I have now conquered my fear of public speaking, and I feel much stronger as a result. The point I’m trying to make is that whatever it is you think you’re afraid of, contact a hypnotherapist, get help with hypnosis for confidence and do it anyway. You’ll probably surprise yourself and discover a whole lot of strengths that you had all along that have been lying dormant.

Just do it; worry about the fear of doing it later on.